Alfonso Castells

Alfonso Castells As far as I can remember, I have always felt attracted by dogs and looked forward
to having a German Shepherd, which were known by that time as Woolf Dogs or Police Dogs. I
started to go to shows by the late 70s, when I had nearly finished my military service, where I used
to train dogs for the Military Police. My cattery name, Albacán, no. 1855, dates from 1983, with
which I started to breed German Shephers. Over time, it linked me to Germany, where I have great
friends. I also bred Bouvier des Flandres for more than 20 years, with remarkable champions and
satisfactions, as well as Dobermann and Argentine Dogo. Nowadays, occasionally, I bred German
Shepherds and Shepherd Beauce, and I also have a Spanish Water Dog and five crossed breed dogs.
My first experience as a judge was in a Monographic Show of German Shepherds in Valencia by
the late 80s. Currently, I am an International Judge of certain breeds of groups: V, VI and VII of the
other seven whole groups, a Confirming Judge of all the Spanish Breeds and a Registrar of all the
canine breeds, as well as being allowed to judge all the Spanish breeds and B.I.S. In addition to
Spain, I have judged in several European Countries, at International Shows as well as National
Breed Monographic Shows. I try to reconcile my passion for breeding and being a judge with my
role as a manager, as I am the President of the Canine Society of Murcia and, for eight years, I was
the president of the Spanish Association of the Bouvier des Flandres. May 2019