Kis Tibor

Introduction According to my civil qualification I am an engineer of computer technology. I live in
Kecskemét, which can be found on the south of Hungary. I founded the Cyberdachs smooth haired
dachshund kennel in 1994 but I have been dealing with breeding dogs for 24 years.
My love and my respect towards the breed encourage me in my breeding career to be able to breed
not only excellent qualified, healthy, homogeneous dachshunds but also create individual
dachshunds in their type which deservedly represent the breed.
I have bred many European Winners, World Winners and International Champions and it makes me
proud as well that the dogs which were bred by me are used by breeders in their breeding program
from all the 5 continents. I was the president of the 109 years old Hungarian Dachshund Breeders
Club from 1997 to 2013.
I have been an FCI judge since 2011, October.Besides being a judge of FCI Group 4, i have also the
rights to judge many breeds from FCI Group 7.
As i am a breeder and judge as well, it makes me happy that I can do something in a new way for
what, which stays our true passion forever: the Dachshund.