Lastrucci Luciana

Luciana is a Medical Doctor and Director at the Radiation Oncology Center at Livorno Hospital. She has always lived with dogs, as a child with her father’s hunting dogs (Segugio italiano, Spinone Italiano) then, for many years, with some German Shepherd dogs. The first Yorkshire Terrier arrived in 1994 and from there the adventure began.  She obtained his prefix Alemat ‘s in 2007. Over the years, with the aim of selecting healthy dogs, she has obtained Italian and International Champions. She is Member of the Board of Società Italiana Amatori Yorkshire Terrier (SIAYT) and has written some articles on the Yorkie. In 2015 she started breeding the American Cocker too.  She  became ENCI-FCI Yorkshire Terrier Judge since 2019 and currently  judges some breeds of the Terrier group, the English Cocker Spaniel and the American Cocker.