Musikic Jelena

I was born in Niksic, Montenegro where I grew up in a family of passionate hunters and dog
lovers. For my entire life, I’ve been surrounded with different breeds of hunting dogs, who I
have the pleasure to watch and present in show rings. Since 1998 I’ve been raising, keeping
and later breeding German hunting terriers. Despite my enormous love for animals and a
great wish to become a veterinarian, I mastered in Engineering in Information systems, but
never got detached from show rings and my loving terriers.
I participated in dog shows before I was first licensed as an FCI judge in 2011. I also own and
breed the national breed, Montenegrin mountain hound. At the moment I’m a judge for the
complete FCI groups II, III, V, VIII and IX. I’ve been judging international and specialty shows
in several European countries, as a member of Kennel club of Montenegro, despite my current
residence in Germany