Naveda Juan

reeder of Dobermann from 1968 to 1988

Breeder of Boxer from 1973 to 1976

Affix since 1977

Breeder of Dachshund from 1996 (Specialist Judge)

Secretary of “Dobermann Club España” from 1980 to 1984 – Actually Member of Honour & Specialist Judge

Secretary of “Sociedad Canina Montañesa”

Chairman of “Sociedad Canina Montañesa” from 1989 to 2005

Member of the judges committee of the“ Sociedad Canina de España” from 1998 to 2003

Judge from 1980

Chairman of “ Club Español de Lebreles” (Spanish Sighthound Club)

Chairman of “Sociedad Canina Montañesa” may 2012

Breeding dachshunds since 1998 and from then until now, I have 42 championships in various countries, three of the world, one of Europe, and two World reserves. Specialist Judge

With whippet international champions Italy, Spain, Sweden, Bundessiger. Specialist Judge

Autorized Breeds CAC/ CACIB: Judge All Rounder


1) Special show breeds

Dobemann: Germany: Nuremberg, Frankfurt, München.(Monograficas )

France ; Toulouse, Marseille, Tours, Bordeaux, Toulon y Paris (monográfica nacional francesa)

Spain ; (monográfica española) en Zaragoza, (International Dobermann Club IDC) Gerona, Monografica Madrid,

Portugal; Estoril, Lisboa

Italy; Monza, Rapallo, Orvieto

Russia; Moscú

Greece; Athens, Marathon

Poland; N. breeding Show

Terranova: Denmark; Bojle: Monográfica nacional

Italy; Bergamo

Bélgium; Antverppen

Finland; Pori

Leonberger: France; Cluny (monográfica nacional francesa), Rouen.

Germany; Monográfica de Leonberger

Bélgium, Italy, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden y Denmark.

American S.T. France; Paris, Ch. de France, Spain; Oviedo, Barcelona, etc.

Italy, Finland, Portugal, European national breed show in Serbia

Akita Inu: (Monográfica nacional) Spain and Brasil

Samoyed, Siberian husky, Alaskan Malamute: Europa

Dachshund: (Special breed show) Italy , Russia, Portugal and Brasil

Special shows Europe, America, World and European dog shows

Chihuahua: France, Finland, Italy, Spain and Japan

Borzoi: Russia (Special breed show) France, Bélgium y Holland

Whippet: (Special breed show) Spain , France, Italy, Norway , Portugal, World dog Show and Bundessieger

Dogo Argentino: (Special breed show) Argentina, Spain, France, Portugal and Italy

Shar pei: (Special breed show) France, Championship France-Paris

2) BIS in the National PURINA Show (Alberta) Canada

3) European Dog Show

Austria, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, Hungary, Rumania (8)

4) World Dog Show

SanJuan-Puerto Rico, Rio de Janeiro- Brasil, Bratislava- Eslovaquia, Paris-France, Budapest-Hungary, Milan-Italy (5)